Buyers Services

Purchasing a yacht can be a complex process. Is the vessel you are contemplating available for sale in the US? Is it properly documented? Is the vessel clear of liens and other encumbrances? Where will you find financing and insurance? How about dockage, and perhaps a captain to get you started, or move the boat while you're away.

How do you find a surveyor that you know is working for you? What yard do you use for the survey inspection? How do you interpret the results?

A buyer's broker can make all of this easier, and the whole process of purchasing your yacht a lot more fun, as it should be.

Your buyer's broker will help with the search, by first helping you define your priorities, and suggesting vessels that fit what you want to do. If it's your dream to cruise the Great Loop, an economical trawler might be right. If you want to look good and go fast, perhaps an express cruiser. If you want to run to the Bahamas for the weekend and live comfortably "on the hook", a motoryacht might be your cup of tea. Do you like black granit and white leather or classic woods and a salty sheer line? Let us work with you to match your desires and budget with the style, brand and vintage of the boat that will best serve your needs.

As a buyer's broker, we work for you, the buyer, to make sure that you find the right boat, and complete a smooth and safe transaction.